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@jaakristioja jaakristioja released this Sep 29, 2017 · 864 commits to master since this release

The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 2.11.1 which is the first bugfix release in the stable 2.11 series of BibleTime.

All users of BibleTime are encouraged to upgrade, especially users still using BibleTime version 2.10 or earlier.

Notable changes since 2.11.0:

  • Enhanced packaging for Windows.
  • Enhanced some error messages.
  • Updated translations. Thanks to all translators!.
  • Improved build-time detection of Qt WebEngine.
  • Fixed crash with Qt 5.9 (workaround for QTBUG-61213).
  • Fixed apocryphal books not being properly displayed (#12).
  • Fixed paragraphs being displayed incorrectly (#37).
  • Fixed some greek dictionary modules not working in mag (#52).
  • Fixed windows not starting on some Windows 7 computers (#90).
  • Fixed a bug which hindered changing to second tab in Tabbed view (#91)
  • Fixed Qt "More Info..." tab being blank (#92)
  • Fixed crash when closing module display window with Qt 5.8 (#94)
  • Fixed images not being displayed (#95).
  • Fixed reloading of "All Text Windows" shortcuts not working (#102).
  • Fixed problem with Save - Yes/No dialog and editing a Personal commentary (#105).

Source code for BibleTime 2.11.1 can be found at:


  • Filename: bibletime-2.11.1.tar.xz
  • File size: 2438788 bytes (2.33 MB)
  • MD5SUM: 6a94566c93983ff05e41f1a00b62156d
  • SHA1SUM: 84c55479c99fd23b048ddd1d9c1fd5b51f31887d
  • SHA256SUM: c6e85ea0256e1abf1a9edb1b03596b4a8b51a20b252367d920431a3d2cf42ef0

Windows Installer:

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