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BibleTime 3.0 beta 2

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The BibleTime team is proud to announce the immediate availability of BibleTime version 3.0 beta 2, which is the second beta release in the stable 3.0 series of BibleTime.

Notable changes since 2.11.2:


  • Text windows now have continuous scrolling from the beginning to end of a module. At the end of a chapter just keep scrolling to see the next chapter.
  • You don't have to open the Personal Commentary for writing. Edit it in a normal text window or even when it is a parallel column in a text window.
  • Automatic text scrolling up or down with variable speed and pause.
  • Copy to clipboard by choosing the beginning and ending reference.
  • A search filter was added in the "Install Works" page of the Bookshelf Manager.
  • You can select text from a single column when using parallel texts in a window.
  • Added a user interface to delete or create search indices.
  • The first time the Bookshelf Manager is used in a session, the remote libraries are updated.
  • Improved popup menus and icons for module chooser buttons and text window headers.

Bugs fixed:

  • Locked Bible not unlocking properly
  • Place not being saved in Daily Devotional.
  • Problems with MAG window references using hebrew modules OSHB and OSMHB
  • Unable to create a search scope for deuterocanonical books
  • Searching with quotes not working.
  • MAG windows Strongs references not working unless config settings were saved.

Build requirements:

  • C++11 compiler
  • Qt 5.9 or later
  • Sword 1.8.1
  • CMake 3.10 or later


  • Filename: bibletime-3.0_beta2.tar.xz
  • File size: 3646880 bytes (3.48 MB)
  • MD5SUM: 1874d442546791b5611343fbcf2aed73
  • SHA1SUM: 031546bdef274b2939f3132de66acd84bf81e791
  • SHA256SUM: 2f37d1062c516872bba12292317bdd45a05ed8c942e24020308a8e0584e4cfe9

Windows details:

  • Filename: bibletime-3.0.0_beta2-win32.exe

MacOS details:

  • Filename: BibleTime-3.0.0_beta2.dmg

Snap details:

  • Filename: bibletime-3.0.0_beta2-amd64.snap
  • The snap allows installing on any linux system that supports snap. A snap contains all necessary libraries so it is independent of your installed libraries.
  • It can co-exist with a BibleTime installed using your normal install procedures.
  • It is also large.
  • It will install core18 which contains additional libraries.
  • Snaps use different file space than normal apps. It has a different $HOME path so it will not share BibleTime settings or sword modules
  • Install like this:
    sudo snap install --dangerous bibletime_3.0.0-beta2_amd64.snap
  • The run path varies on different operating systems. On ubuntu use: /snap/bin/bibletime
  • After an installation it will behave funny the first time it is ran. It may be very slow to start. It may also not be able to download modules. I recommend you start and immediately quit after an installation.

Snap is also available from the Ubuntu snap store;
sudo snap install bibletime --beta

Flatpak details:

Flatpak allows installing on any linux system that supports flatpaks. The required libraries will also be installed so it will be independent of your installed libraries.

  • flatpaks use different file space than normal apps. It has a different $HOME path so it will not share BibleTime settings or sword modules
  • Install like this:
  1. Follow the flathub setup guide for your operating system.
  2. Install the flathub beta repository.
    flatpak remote-add flathub-beta
  3. Install the beta version of BibleTime. There are several large runtime libraries that
    it will want to install. They are necessary.
    flatpak install flathub-beta info.bibletime.BibleTime
  4. Run BibleTime
    flatpak run info.bibletime.BibleTime