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Eulexis is a web lemmatiser for Ancient Greek texts. It allows to search for a word in ancient greek dictionaries (Liddel-Scott-Jones, Pape, Bailly), to decline a root word and lemmatise a text.

It is developed by Philippe Verkerk (@PhVerkerk) with the help of Régis Robineau as part of the Biblissima Toolkit.

Eulexis on Biblissima website :


In order to run your own instance of Eulexis locally, you must download the following assets:

You should extract these two archives at the root of your eulexis folder (eulexis/data and eulexis/ui).


This program is made available by Philippe Verkerk under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC).


Un grand merci à Philipp Roelli, André Charbonnet, Peter J. Heslin, Yves Ouvrard, Eduard Frunzeanu et Régis Robineau.