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A book on functional programming in CoffeeScript
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Smooth CoffeeScript - No Solutions.pdf
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Smooth CoffeeScript.lyx
Smooth CoffeeScript.pdf

Smooth CoffeeScript

Smooth CoffeeScript is a free book about CoffeeScript and programming. Over 200 pages to guide you and 35 exercises to solve. Go from scratch through functional programming in Underscore over object orientation to a client and server web application with HTML5 Canvas and WebSockets. Download includes book and full source code with and without solutions.

No previous programming knowledge is required. If you already know a scripting language then scan through the Language part and dive into the Paradigm chapters. The samples require a functioning installation of CoffeeScript; see page 9 in the book.

  • Smooth CoffeeScript Contents

    • Preface
      • Foreword
      • Software
    • Language
      • Introduction
      • Basic CoffeeScript
      • Functions
      • Data Structures
      • Error Handling
    • Paradigm
      • Functional Programming
      • Searching
      • Object Orientation
      • Regular Expressions
      • Modularity
    • Appendix
      • Language Extras
      • Binary Heaps
      • Performance
      • Command Line Utility
    • Reference and Index
      • Reference
        • Language Reference
        • Reserved Words
        • Underscore
        • QuickCheck
        • Additional Words
      • Index
  • File descriptions

    • Smooth CoffeeScript - No Solutions.pdf
    • src-no-solutions/

      • Challenge edition - use for self study.
    • Smooth CoffeeScript.pdf

    • src/

      • Instructor edition - inline solutions for all exercises.
    • Smooth CoffeeScript Web Optimized.pdf

      • Web fast view, attached archive contains no-solutions. Use to email a self contained version (Acrobat Reader is required)
    • Smooth CoffeeScript.lyx

      • Source for the book. Only needed if you want to create your own improved book. Requires LyX 2.0 and up-to-date installation of TeX. May require font substitutes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Created by E. Hoigaard based on Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke.

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