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The agility gitorial for Hobo.

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# Agility

This is the source code to accompany the [Agility gitorial for

Agility is a simple "Agile Development" application – Agility. The
application tracks projects which consist of a number of user
stories. Stories have a status (e.g. accepted, under development…) as
well as a number of associated tasks. Tasks can be assigned to users,
and each user can see a heads-up of all the tasks they’ve been
assigned to on their home page.

To keep the gitorial clean, updates to the gitorial **rewrite
history**.  That means that you cannot `git pull`.  If you wish to
update to a later version, you must `git clone` the repository again
and move any changes you have made from your old clone to the new one.

The "real" history is kept in our [source

There is a [version of
agility]( that is not
in gitorial format.  This tree is mainly used for integration testing Hobo.
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