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<!doctype html>
<!--[if IEMobile 7 ]><html class="no-js iem7" manifest="default.appcache?v=1"><![endif]-->
<!--[if lt IE 7 ]> <html <?php language_attributes(); ?> class="no-js ie6"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 7 ]> <html <?php language_attributes(); ?> class="no-js ie7"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 8 ]> <html <?php language_attributes(); ?> class="no-js ie8"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if (gte IE 9)|(gt IEMobile 7)|!(IEMobile)|!(IE)]><!--><html <?php language_attributes(); ?> class="no-js"><!--<![endif]-->
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title><?php wp_title('', true, 'right'); ?></title>
<meta name="description" content="">
<meta name="author" content="">
<!-- for an explanation see here: -->
<meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="True">
<meta name="MobileOptimized" content="320">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, target-densitydpi=160dpi, initial-scale=1">
<!-- For less capable mobile browsers
<link rel="stylesheet" media="handheld" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/library/css/handheld.css"> -->
<!-- default stylesheet -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/library/css/default.css">
<!-- icons & favicons -->
<!-- For iPhone 4 -->
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="114x114" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/library/images/icons/h/apple-touch-icon.png">
<!-- For iPad 1-->
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="72x72" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/library/images/icons/m/apple-touch-icon.png">
<!-- For iPhone 3G, iPod Touch and Android -->
<link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/library/images/icons/l/apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png">
<!-- For Nokia -->
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/library/images/icons/l/apple-touch-icon.png">
<!-- For everything else -->
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/favicon.ico">
<!-- Grab Google CDN's jQuery, with a protocol relative URL; fall back to local if necessary -->
<script src="//"></script>
<script>window.jQuery || document.write(unescape('%3Cscript src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/library/js/libs/jquery-1.5.1.min.js"%3E%3C/script%3E'))</script>
<script src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/library/js/modernizr-1.7.min.js"></script>
<!-- wordpress head functions -->
<link rel="pingback" href="<?php bloginfo('pingback_url'); ?>">
<?php wp_head(); ?>
<!-- stylesheet is called after wp_head so you can overwrite plugin styles if needed -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?>">
<body <?php body_class(); ?>>
<div id="container">
<header role="banner">
<div id="inner-header" class="clearfix">
<h1 id="logo"><a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>" rel="nofollow"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a></h1>
<nav role="navigation">
<?php bones_main_nav(); // Adjust using Menus in Wordpress Admin ?>
</div> <!-- end #inner-header -->
</header> <!-- end header -->
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