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cloudhead's dotfiles (zsh, git, vim..)

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        cloudhead's dotfiles


  these dotfiles are meant to be used in linux, although most of it will work in other *nixes too.
  they are centered around vim, zsh, git, X & urxvt.


  1. change your login shell to zsh:

    $ chsh -s /bin/zsh

  2. copy all files to ~
  3. change the colorscheme in the .vimrc, or see


  - % is colored differently depending on return value of previous command
  - Shows current git branch and action (ex: merging), through built-in vcs_info functions
  - Current branch's color depends on the state of the working directory
  - ls colors
  - sane defaults & options (completion, spell-correction..)

  - everything is based around 2 space soft-tabs
  - sane defaults
  - a couple useful commands and input remapping
  - better status bar
  - better tabs

  - sane defaults
  - no scroll-bars
  - C-1 to C-5 changes font size
  - 'DejaVu Sans Mono'
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