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#\ -p 4000
gem 'activesupport'
gem 'serve'
require 'serve'
require 'serve/rack'
require 'sass/plugin/rack'
require 'compass'
# The project root directory
root = ::File.dirname(__FILE__)
# Compass
Compass.add_project_configuration(root + '/config.rb')
# Rack Middleware
use Rack::ShowStatus # Nice looking 404s and other messages
use Rack::ShowExceptions # Nice looking errors
# Because Heroku doesn't allow you to write to the file system,
# if you're not using Heroku in production this condition won't be needed
if ENV['RACK_ENV'] != "production"
use Sass::Plugin::Rack # Compile Sass on the fly
# Rack Application
if ENV['SERVER_SOFTWARE'] =~ /passenger/i
# Passendger only needs the adapter
run + '/views')
# We use Rack::Cascade and Rack::Directory on other platforms to handle static
# assets
run[ + '/views'), + '/public')