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Brain Imaging Data Structure

👋 Welcome to BIDS github organization 👋

Click the following links if you want to

The source code and content for many of those tools can be found in the repositories listed below.

For generic BIDS related question use the NeuroStars Discourse Forum, under the bids tag.

Otherwise feel free to open an issue on any of those repositories if you have specific questions or requests

As a reminder, all contributors have to adhere to our Code of Conduct.


  1. Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) Specification

    Python 189 127

  2. Validator for the Brain Imaging Data Structure

    JavaScript 140 97

  3. A set of BIDS compatible datasets with empty raw data files that can be used for writing lightweight software tests.

    MATLAB 121 114

  4. Collection of tutorials, wikis, and templates to get you started with creating BIDS compliant datasets

    MATLAB 216 105

  5. pybids Public

    Python tools for querying and manipulating BIDS datasets.

    Python 172 102

  6. Website for the Brain Imaging Data Structure standard.

    SCSS 23 44