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Maven OSB build, release POM for Oracle Service Bus PS6 patch set 6

main pom ( /pom.xml ) which build the OSB workspace and its 2 projects

2 parent poms
1 for building OSB workspace ( /parent/workspace/pom.xml )
1 for building OSB project ( /parent/project/pom.xml )

workspace pom ( /source/pom.xml ) --> OSB workspace parent pom
project XSDvalidation pom ( /source/XSDvalidation/pom.xml ) --> OSB project parent pom
project ReliableMessageWS pom ( /source/ReliableMessageWS/pom.xml ) --> OSB project parent pom


. osb.sh ( sets maven, java environment variables )

mvn package, builds all or 1 project depends on the location in the source folder ( OEPE Workspace )
mvn deploy -Dtarget-env=dev-osb, deploy to the dev OSB folder
mvn release:prepare, prepare a release
mvn release:perform -Dtarget-env=dev-osb -DconnectionUrl=scm:git:git@github.com:biemond/soa_tools.git

for an export of the OSB projects from the OSB Server run "mvn deploy -Dtarget-env=dev-osb" in the export folder

for an build + export of a specific OSB project run "mvn deploy -Dtarget-env=dev-osb" in a OSB project folder

My Environment settings

Oracle OSB PS6 or

middleware home /opt/wls/Middleware11gR1
OSB & Oracle home /opt/wls/Middleware11gR1/Oracle_OSB1
WebLogic home /opt/wls/Middleware11gR1/wlserver_10.3
Oepe home /opt/wls/Middleware11gR1/oepe11.1.1.8













with java as goal for the exec-maven-plugin does not seems to work because you are running inside the maven jvm ( no fork ) and need to set MAVEN_OPTS parameters to pass on -D parameters but all this Also adding dependecies libraries and using includeProjectDependencies does also work.

need to use exec as goal to start a new process and use commandlineArgs, you can't use arguments