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// When versbose is 'true', various messages will be written to the console.
// values: true or false
"verbose": false,
// The full path to the Python executable you want to
// run Pylint with or simply use 'python'.
"python_bin": "python",
// The following paths will be added Pylint's Python path
"python_path": [
// Optionally set the working directory
"working_dir": null,
// Full path to the module in the pylint package
"pylint_path": null,
// Optional full path to a Pylint configuration file
"pylint_rc": null,
// Set to true to automtically run Pylint on save
"run_on_save": true,
// Set to true to use graphical error icons
"use_icons": false,
"disable_outline": false,
// Status messages stay as long as cursor is on an error line
"message_stay": false,
// Ignore Pylint error types. Possible values:
// "R" : Refactor for a "good practice" metric violation
// "C" : Convention for coding standard violation
// "W" : Warning for stylistic problems, or minor programming issues
// "E" : Error for important programming issues (i.e. most probably bug)
// "F" : Fatal for errors which prevented further processing
"ignore": [],
// a list of strings of individual errors to disable, ex: ["C0301"]
"disable": [],
"plugins": []