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The Nuffle Blood Bowl Web Manager is a web system for managing teams and leagues for the game Blood Bowl by Games Workshop.
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Nuffle Blood Bowl Web Manager


The Nuffle Blood Bowl Web Manager is a web based system for tracking teams or running a league for the Blood Bowl game created by Games Workshop.

The Blood Bowl web manager is a self contained web server. It's implemented in Python using CherryPy and SQLObject. To use the Blood Bowl web manager you launch the web server, and then any number of people can connect to the Blood Bowl manager using a standard web browser. It's just like accessing any other website on the Internet.

What You Need

Python >=2.4: The web manager is implemented in Python. You want at least version 2.4. Earlier versions most definitely will not work without some amount of hackery, as function decorators (see PEP 318) were used in the implementation.

MySQL and MySQLdb --OR-- Postgres and psycopg

Both MySQL and Postgres have active installations at large. It might be possible to run atop other databases, but I haven't tried others. MySQL is configured out-of-the-box. If you go with Postgres you'll need to change the db.uri configuration variable within nuffle.cfg (Step 4 below).

MySQLdb and psycopg are Python modules that implement the Python DBI. This is used for communication between your Nuffle server and the database. Most installations of Python or your database will install this for you, so you likely don't need to install this yourself.

Installation (Linux, Mac OSX, *nix)

1: Download the Nuffle Blood Bowl Web Manager from here:

2: Extract the downloaded file:

tar xzf nuffle*.tar.gz

3: Create a database for Nuffle. If you're using MySQL, you want to do something like this:

shell> mysql -u root -p mysql
mysql> create user nuffle identified by 'nuffle';

shell> mysql -u nuffle -p
mysql> create database nuffle;


createuser nuffle
createdb -U nuffle nuffle

4: Create your configuration files. Sample configuration files are provided for you and are located in the root directory for Nuffle. Nuffle expects your configuration files to be located in the root directory for nuffle, so start by copying the samples:

cp nuffle.cfg.sample nuffle.cfg
cp cherrypy.cfg.sample cherrypy.cfg

Then, open both of these files and poke around. At the very least you'll need to replace all references to the "/home/nuffle" directory and replace it with the location of your personal installation. You also probably want to ensure that the database configuration options coincide with the Nuffle database/account that you just created. If you're using Postgres and not MySQL you'll definitely need to modify the db uri configuration variable.

5: Create the Nuffle schema in your Nuffle database. Assuming you've managed to configure yourself correctly, just do this:

python ./src/

The Python "data" module when executed directly will recreate all of the necessary tables in your database, and install a base set of starting data (races, skills, etc).

Now create your database indexes:

mysql -u nuffle -p nuffle < ./bin/createIndexes.sql


psql -U nuffle nuffle < ./bin/createIndexes.sql

6: Launch the web manager:

python ./src/

7: Open your favorite web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8042/

8: Whew, all done. You should be staring at the frontpage of your very own Nuffle installation. You'll want to login as user "nuffle" password "nuffle". Then click on "[Admin]" to begin creating coaches and teams.

Installation (Windows)

I don't personally own any Windows computers, so I haven't been able to try installing the web manager on a Windows machine. There's nothing platform-specific in the implementation that I know of, so if you do attempt (and better yet, succeed) at installing on a Windows machine, please drop me a note about any hiccups along the way. I'll update this document with your experience.

Contact Information

Website: Email:

That's it! Good luck. May all your injuries be Badly Hurt. Don't hesitate to send me/us an email if you run in to trouble.

Eric Bieschke

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