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jQuery plugin for simultaneous downloads

How to add it to your project

With script tag

<script src="jquery.multidownload.js"></script>

with browserify:

Add to your project

  npm install jquery-multidownload

and load with require

global.jQuery = require('jquery')

How to use it

Select links to resources you want to download simultaneously and call multiDownload function:

<a href="" class="document">document 1</a>
<a href="" class="document">document 2</a>
<a href="" class="document">document 3</a>

<a href="#" id="download_all">download all</a>

$('#download_all').click(function (event) {

Important: All $('.my_links') elements must have defined "href" attribute. "href" must point to documents that generate proper HTML headers ("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=my_filename").


Set custom delay between downloads that are triggered (might be useful on IE):

$('.my_download_trigger').multiDownload({ delay: 500 });


Please run spec/runner.html to check if old API still works and add specs for new code.