Implementation of FullCalendar jQuery plugin in Play 2.0 as a sample application
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This is sample application for Play Framework 2.0 (Java version)

Current description can be always found at

Running/starting sample
I assume that you have downloaded and installed Play 2.0

All you need to do is cd to cloned folder and run application in dev mode:

    bash#: play run

as by default sample uses in mem H2 DB it will ask you for applying evolutions
(it will recreate all structure with no events after each app re-run!)

To switch to more stable DB ie. MySQL edit /conf/application.conf and uncoment
mysql config (lines #27 - #30) and of course set proper values for db name
(must exist, currently 'play-fullcalendar-sample'), user and password.

There is configured mysql-connector in apps dependencies, you can remove it
if you do not want to use MySQL DB in /project/Build.scala