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# Routes
# This file defines all application routes (Higher priority routes first)
# ~~~~
# actions required for generating requests... (it may be avoid if 3-rd party apps does it...)
GET / controllers.Application.index
GET /user-form controllers.Application.newForm
GET /user-form/:id controllers.Application.editForm(id: Int)
GET /simulate-delete-request/:id controllers.Application.simulateDeleteRequest(id: Int)
POST /simulate-put-request/:id controllers.Application.simulatePutRequest(id: Int)
GET /simulate-get-json/:id controllers.Application.simulateGetUserJson(id: Int)
GET /simulate-get-xml/:id controllers.Application.simulateGetUserXml(id: Int)
GET /simulate-get-json controllers.Application.simulateListUsersJson
GET /simulate-get-xml controllers.Application.simulateListUsersXml
# REST actions
GET /user/:id controllers.Rest.user(id: Int)
GET /users controllers.Rest.users
POST /user controllers.Rest.createUser
PUT /user/:id controllers.Rest.updateUser(id: Int)
DELETE /user/:id controllers.Rest.deleteUser(id: Int)
# Map static resources from the /public folder to the /assets URL path
GET /assets/*file"/public", file)
# Try to handle uncatched HEAD request by translating it to GET
# This two routes shoul be placed at the end
HEAD / controllers.Application.autoHead(originalPath:String ?= "/")
HEAD /*originalPath controllers.Application.autoHead(originalPath:String)
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