Sonos SMAPI music service integration of the xenim streaming network
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xenim streaming service SONOS Integration

As a frequent podcast listener I am using the xenim streaming service a lot to listen to my favourite podcasts live 

Ever since I've got my SONOS wireless multi-room audio system I wanted to integrate my favourite live podcast service
with the convenience of the SONOS platform.

Aside from supporting a lot of good music services the SONOS platform offers the option to add your own services through
it's great interface.

This application is meant to run on a server reachable by your SONOS system. It will watch out for currently running 
live streams on xsn and allows you to listen to them live.

How to set-up without compiling

Just follow the instructions given on:

How to set-up with compiling

- .net 4.0 Framework (Windows) or Mono >3.2 (Linux, MacOS)

Step 1: Clone
Step 2: change into the sonos-xsn-service/sonos-xsn-service folder.
Step 3: On Windows run "msbuild" on Linux/OSX run xbuild on the sonos-xsn-service.sln file.
Step 4: go to the bin/Debug directory and change the configuration.json file accordingly. 
Step 5: Run it!