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Welcome to the Aero wiki!

Bifarm Aero is an aeroponics toolkit running grow plans.

The main goals are to provide desired habitats for plants with less efforts.

The core requirements

  1. Insulation: The habitats are insulated environment for plants.

  2. Control: The system can control habitats' internal climates, such as light exposure and temperature.

  3. Plan: The environment control processes can be sequenced as repeatable grow plans.

  4. Customization: The grow plans can be tuned individually according to various goals.

  5. Openness: It provides programming interfaces for other automation processes, such as smart home solutions.

The major components

Open Controller

It is the brain and dispatch center. The main responsibilities are

  1. providing grow plan run-time to execute the control instructions;

  2. detecting and monitoring via sensors environment conditions, such as temperature and humidity;

  3. dispatching orders to modules to make necessary adjustment on environment conditions;

  4. taking instructions/feedbacks from humane as well as sending notifications and alerts;

  5. providing interface to external automation processes;

For details about sensor and action capacity, pin-out documentation, as well as related APIs, please check out Open Controller

Atomized Nutrient Delivery

Bifarm Aero is a high-pressure aeroponics system. Plant roots are suspended in the air, and exposed to oxygen. The nutrient is pressurized and atomized through nozzles in a form of non-condensing mist.

For more information about Aeroponics, follow Wikipedia, what-is-aeroponis and benefits of high-pressure aeroponics on

Getting right to the point, Aeroponics is the fastest way to grow plants than any other growing method.

Carbon dioxide in the air is necessary for healthy plant growth. However, oxygen is needed for roots to absorb the nutrients that surround them. True aeroponics is conducted in air enriched with micro-droplets of nutrient water.

The delivery module consists of:

Reservoir, Pressure Booster Pump, Accumulator Tank, Solenoids, Atomizers, and optionally Filters. For details, check out HPA Nutrient Delivery

Root Temperature Conditioner

One of challenge of high-pressure aeroponics is the root temperature control. Unlike soil based or deep-water hydroponics, in aeroponics system the root is suspended in the air. Without thermo-capacitor like soil or water, the root temperature is susceptible to greater degree of fluctuation.

Maintaining lower and staple root temperature will help:

  1. reduce root diseases caused by bacteria;

  2. create temperature difference between root and shoot, promoting healthier transpire process, therefore better nutrient delivery.

Mobile App

The mobile app is the portal to monitor and manage the appliances.

Main functions:

  1. manage the appliance settings such as reservoir level, desired root temperature, pump pressure.
  2. manage/customize the grow plan
  3. access live images of the plants
  4. receive alerts and notifications

grow plan

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