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Bifrost Core Repository


  • PoS+Masternodes
  • Stealth addresses
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Multi-Signature Addresses & TXs
  • Fast 60 Second Block Times
  • SHA256d Algortihm for PoS Hybrid
  • Full Decentralization



Ticker SymbolFROST
TypePure PoS
Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Max Coin Supply~66,318,600 FROST
Premine/Initial Supply1.13%*

Reward Distribution

Block HeightReward AmountMasternodes (80%)Stakers (20%)
1750,000 FROSTPremine
2-2001 FROSTn/aPoW (Startup)
201-16543750 FROST40 FROST10 FROST
165438-1754371 FROST0.8 FROST0.2 FROST
175438-185437100 FROST80 FROST20 FROST
185438-78840010 FROST8 FROST2 FROST
788401-15768009 FROST7.2 FROST1.8 FROST
1576800-21024008 FROST6.4 FROST1.6 FROST
2102400-26280006.5 FROST5.2 FROST1.3 FROST
2628000-31536004 FROST3.2 FROST0.8 FROST
3153600-36792002.5 FROST2 FROST0.5 FROST
3679200-42048001.4 FROST1.12 FROST0.28 FROST
4204800-47304000.8 FROST0.64 FROST0.16 FROST
4730400-52560000.5 FROST0.4 FROST0.1 FROST
>52560000.001 FROST0.0008 FROST0.0002 FROST