@bifrost-actual bifrost-actual released this Aug 14, 2018

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NOTE This is not a mandatory update

This release fixes the incorrect calculation of balances on the QT Wallet Overview page.

This release also contains a MacOS installer that doesn't crash the finder.

@bifrost-actual bifrost-actual released this Aug 10, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release

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The BiFrost blockchain forked at block 165,437. To be on the correct chain, please update all wallets and masternodes. Transactions made with previous wallets after block 165,437 will not be included in the new blockchain.

This version includes a masternode collateral increase to 10,000 FROST, but older collateral levels will be allowed on the network until block 175,437 (approx. 1 week). At the time, the new collateral enforcement will be activated, and masternodes with less than 10,000 FROST will no longer receive rewards.

For more information on how to upgrade, please join use on discord.