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@alexheretic alexheretic released this Mar 15, 2019

New features

  • Levels now have names. These will appear above the levels and in the score screens.
  • Profiles can now be deleted in the title screen. Click the bin and confirm by clicking the red tick. Take care as this cannot be undone.
  • New editor keyboard shortcuts see the README.txt file in the game directory for a list of all hotkeys.
    • ctrl insert, shift insert, shift delete: copy, paste, cut.
    • ctrl / comment/uncomment the current line or selection.
    • ctrl d can now duplicate all selected lines.
    • ctrl t toggles code pause, instead of just starting the code paused.
  • Mute sound hotkey ctrl m.
  • Add level stage navigation hotkeys alt ↑, alt ↓.
  • Include a power switch in Melting Pot.
  • New company message (B) after completing all aboveground levels.
  • Move the first direction data-store level underground.
  • Move robo_location() discovery to after Gatehouse.
  • Add video menu option Snowfall with options On, Background Only, Off.
  • Windows: Add NvOptimusEnablement & AmdPowerXpressRequestHighPerformance link exports to prefer dedicated GPU usage on laptops. This should address performance issues on bad+good GPU laptops.

Other changes

  • Improve button click responsiveness when cursor is moving.
  • Improve initial robo_use() message.
  • Improve power switch explanation message clarity.
  • Add extra clarification around code re-running at each stage in Keep Going!.
  • Reduce Hello Robo tutorial to add only 3 lines.
  • Tweak company message A.
  • Avoid "read about comparison" overlay covering text if possible.
  • Rework level statistic totals placement.
  • Rename "nodes" to "phrases" to make more immediate sense.
  • Show speed tutorial in Keep Going! even if the 1st run solves the whole level.
  • Improve video menu presentation, align options consistently and use dim colour when disabling options.
  • Add GPU vendor/renderer info to F10 debug.
  • Reword unsatisfied level requirement message.
  • Save panic traces to an error.log file.
  • Tweak sequence overwriting code example for clarity.


Beta installation is done via Steam supporting Linux & Windows. A Robo Instructus beta key is required.

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