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@alexheretic alexheretic released this Apr 5, 2019

New features

  • Reduced texture VRAM usage and new Video menu option Textures for selecting the texture size/quality.

    The new default (High) has been optimised for 1440p screens and should almost totally indistinguishable from the Max setting (previous default) at this, or lower, resolution. As such Max is only offered on higher than 1080p resolutions. A Low setting is also provided to try and minimise VRAM usage at the cost of image quality.

  • Improve incorrect code indent error messages. Importantly the offending line is no longer covered up by the error message, the message itself is also more helpful.

  • Add new tile effect for robo_location(), robo_forward_location()

  • Add a sneak peak of the next chapter of levels in the level selection screen after finishing the currently last level.

Other changes

  • Allow while to meet the else usage requirement in Testing Grounds.
  • Use tailed arrow icons to represent keyboard arrows.
  • Provide Native Effects option only when running the game at over 1080p resolution, as under this native is identical to High.
  • Clear autocomplete options when running code.
  • Set Textures option to Low after a VRAM allocation panic to avoid similar panics on next startup.
  • Await image processing at startup avoiding early texture pop-in & potential music stuttering.
  • Fix some unexpected behaviour changing volumes after using the mute functionality.
  • Fix unexpected code speed selection behaviour when going to/from pause speed.
  • Rework progress saving with the aim to prevent data loss if killing the game (i.e. from a power cut / OS crash).
  • Ensure only a single game process is running to prevent save write co-ownership, which could potentially cause save progress loss.


Beta installation is done via Steam supporting Linux & Windows. A Robo Instructus beta key is required.

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