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@alexheretic alexheretic released this Jun 7, 2019

New features

  • Improved facility view level selection.
    • New level node art.
    • Hovering now renders the name of known levels.
    • Final quality facility background art.
    • Facility fog below known levels.
    • Improve new game highlighting of the first node.
  • Add Italiano & Ελληνικά interface translations.
  • Add Credits menu option when in the title screen.

Other changes

  • Add Big AB Games splash screen at startup.
  • Use stripped down menu variant in final cutscene.
  • Fix intro appearing in title screen.
  • Explicitly opt for double buffer rendering, may help some systems.
  • Reduce alpha of high speed foreground snow so it's less "in your face".


Beta installation is done via Steam supporting Linux & Windows. A Robo Instructus beta key is required.

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