Swarm User Interface based on docker-compose, mu.semte.ch and EmberJS
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Swarm UI

Friendly web interface for swarm with access control

Shared Config & Volume Using NFS

Use of SwarmUI on a multi-node Swarm cluster requires shared volumes, like NFS.

Configuration Sharing

The configuration of every pipeline should be shared on all the nodes. If this step is not done, the containers may start with an empty configuration directory.

In order to share the configuration on all the repositories, we usually use NFS. You can find an example of an Open Stack deployment using Terraform here.

The principle is simple: there is one master node that share the directory /app-swarm-ui using NFS. The other nodes will simply mount that directory at the exact same location /app-swarm-ui.

While this works fine for any configuration directory, one should not use a mount point on the host for data directories. It's best and faster to use Docker volumes.

Shared Volumes Using NFS

Specific documentation on setting this up can be found here.

How To

Clone this project, and launch docker-compose yaml.

git clone https://github.com/big-data-europe/app-swarm-ui.git
cd app-swarm-ui
docker-compose up

Point your browser on http://localhost:88 to use the interface.

Planned Features

  • User management
  • Access control
  • Monitoring and launching pipelines
  • Scaling pipelines