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This is a docker container for Apache Hive 2.3.2. It is based on so check there for Hadoop configurations. This deploys Hive and starts a hiveserver2 on port 10000. Metastore is running with a connection to postgresql database. The hive configuration is performed with HIVE_SITE_CONF_ variables (see hadoop-hive.env for an example).

To run Hive with postgresql metastore:

    docker-compose up -d

To deploy in Docker Swarm:

    docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml hive

To run a PrestoDB 0.181 with Hive connector:

  docker-compose up -d presto-coordinator

This deploys a Presto server listens on port 8080


Load data into Hive:

  $ docker-compose exec hive-server bash
  # /opt/hive/bin/beeline -u jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000
  > CREATE TABLE pokes (foo INT, bar STRING);
  > LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH '/opt/hive/examples/files/kv1.txt' OVERWRITE INTO TABLE pokes;

Then query it from PrestoDB. You can get presto.jar from PrestoDB website:

  $ wget
  $ mv presto-cli-0.183-executable.jar presto.jar
  $ chmod +x presto.jar
  $ ./presto.jar --server localhost:8080 --catalog hive --schema default
  presto> select * from pokes;


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