Bootstrap the pipeline for the SC4 pilot on the BDE platform.
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BDE SC4 Pilot Cycle 1

Bootstrap the pipeline for the SC4 pilot 1 on the BDE platform.

Pilot 1 Description

The pilot fetches continuously the FCD data (Floating Car Data) about taxies in Thessaloniki from CERTH web service. A Kafka Producer connects to the web service and sends the data into a Kafka topic. The data is consumed by a Flink job, enriched using a map matching algorithm, aggregated and finally stored into Elasticsearch. A visualization based on Kibana is used to visualize the aggregated data in a map (average speed in road segments per time windows).

Pilot 1 Components

The table shows the frameworks and other components used to set up the pilot.

Component Images
Apache Zookeeper bde2020/zookeeper
Apache Kafka bde2020/docker-kafka
FCD Kafka Producer Dockerized version of pilot-sc4-kafka-producer (TBD)
Apache Flink bde2020/flink-master
Elasticsearch NA
Rserve + MapMatching Algorithm Dockerfile in pilot-sc4-docker-r
Kibana NA

All the components, frameworks, Flink job, Kafka producer, Rserve, must be provided as Docker images in order to be started in Docker containers within a Docker Swarm. Furthermore, all the Docker images must support the initialization protocol by including the,, scripts provided in the docker-spark base image in order to communicate with the initialization daemon.

Pilot 1 Initialization

Some of the components used for the pilot depend on other components. As an example, the Kafka producer depends on the availability of a Kafka topic, the Flink job depends on the availability of the Rserve for the map matching and on Elasticsearch for the storage. Kafka itself depends on Zookeeper. The BDE platform provides a component, the init daemon service, to execute a proper initialization. The init daemon is already included in the docker-compose.yml file used for the pilot. The init daemon requires the information about the order in which the components have to be started. This information must be provided as an RDF file that can be created using the Pipeline Builder. The RDF file must be included in the project as it will be imported by the initialization daemon.

The steps to start the pilot are

  1. Start Zookeeper
  2. Set up Kafka and create a topic
  3. Start the FCD Kafka producer
  4. Set up Flink
  5. Start Rserve with the MapMatching algorithm
  6. Set up Elasticsearch with the FCD schema
  7. Submit the FCD job to Flink
  8. Start Kibana

1) Start Zookeeper

The pilot uses a customized Zookeeper image in order to use its own configuration file. The image uses the bde2020/zookeeper image as a base. Use the Docker file in images/zookeeper to build the Zookeeper image used by the pilot.

2) Set up Kafka

3) Start the FCD Kafka Producer

Configuration of the Dashboards Integrator UI

The Integrator UI shows all the existing component dashboards in a unified interface. For each dashboard a menu item is shown in the navigation bar at the top. The BDE CSS style will be applied automatically on the dashboards. The configuration of the Integrator UI is done through a JSON file.

Running the pilot

$ git clone
$ cd pilot-sc4-pipeline
$ docker-compose up -d