Example projects for the BIG IoT SDK
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BIG IoT Example Projects

This project includes various example or template projects for using the BIG IoT Lib (SDK) and Marketplace.

The README.md of each sub-project explains how to use/run/test the corresponding project in details.

NOTE: The projects are all setup as gradle projects. They can be either run directly from the command line using: gradle run or they can be imported into your Java IDE (e.g. Eclipse) using the gradle-project import feature.

Simple example projects or project template:

1. Java Example Provider: Creates a BIG IoT Provider service that provides random numbers as an Offering on the Marketplace

2. Java Example Consumer: Creates a BIG IoT Consumer application that queries random number Offerings, subscribes to an Offering, and access the random numer service on the corresponding BIG-IoT Provider.

Further example projects to

- More Java Examples: This project includes several example provider and consumer programs that demonstrate the various features and capabilities of the BIG IoT Lib, and how these can be applied in your own projects.

BIG IoT Developer Guide

The BIG IoT Developer Guide is available here.

The latest release notes of the BIG IoT Lib SDK can be found here.