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Durable event pipelines.
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Streams are durable event pipelines that give your code increased limits and the ability to recover from any error.

Getting Started

Simplest Possible Thing

  1. From the Streams app, go to the Services tab.
  2. Click the Log service and view its detail page.
  3. Click Enqueue Streaming Event then check your email.

See the log email? Here's what happened:

First your event was stored in a record, then the Log service processed it inside a try-catch block with a savepoint. Although this service just sends an email, the key takeaway is this: everything processed safely in an async context with increased limits, without writing code.



Next Steps

  • Read the Concepts to learn about streaming events.
  • Follow the Hello World Tutorial to arrange services in a saga.
  • Explore the Code to see how core services work.

By Role


  • Act effectively by addressing service issues with the appropriate developer.
  • Script business logic that supports business services.
  • Configure all component metadata using point and click.
  • Observe why and when logic ran - in real time or the past.
  • Indicate service progress with images on lists and page layouts.


  • Execute resilient services against stored events - failures can always be reprocessed.
  • Move business flows including all configuration between orgs with a single container.
  • Create testable code using components adhering to an interface.
  • Execute logic consistently by running all services under the Automated Process user.
  • Ingest millions of raw JSON events for stream processing using the Bulk API .


  • Integrate using out of box HTTP / SMTP / SQL adapters.
  • Schedule durable jobs using heartbeat events instead of cron and Apex.
  • Control scope with clear areas of responsibility
  • Rely on a built-in safety net should errors occur.
  • Reduce coupling between packages and departments using dynamically typed events
  • Publish/Subscribe to business events and broadcast custom durable events using topics.


  • Collaborate around right sized components that all stakeholders can understand.
  • Visualize scenarios on an interactive canvas with advertised inputs/outputs.
  • Integrate with Flows and Processes and enqueue streaming events from workflow rules.
  • Compose sagas that draw a direct line from requirement to implementation.


  • Audit past and present streaming events - understand which logic ran and when.
  • Execute business logic natively - services are built, tested and deployed on platform.
  • Snapshot configuration versions and revert to prior versions in near real time.
  • Lower project risk by avoiding early commitment to architecture. Experiments cost less.
  • Bypass package dependencies - all logic remains under the full control of the business.

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