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Lightwave RF custom component for Home Assistant. Requires generation 2 ("Link Plus") hub, but will control both generation 1 ("Connect Series") and generation 2 ("Smart Series") devices.
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Home Assistant ( component for controlling LightwaveRF ( devices with use of a Lightwave Link Plus hub. Controls both generation 1 ("Connect Series") and generation 2 ("Smart Series") devices. Does not work with gen1 hub.

Tested by me and working with:

  • L21 1-gang Dimmer (2nd generation)
  • LW430 3-gang Dimmer (1st generation)
  • LW270 2-gang Power socket (1st generation)
  • LW821 In-line relay (1st generation)
  • LW934 Electric switch/thermostat (1st generation)

Tested by others:

  • L22 2-gang Dimmer (2nd generation)
  • L24 4-gang Dimmer (2nd generation)
  • Three-way relays (for controlling blinds/covers)


There are two ways to set up:

1. Using HACS (preferred)

This component is available through the Home Assistant Community Store HACS (

If you use this method, your component will always update to the latest version. But you'll need to set up HACS first.

2. Manual

Copy all files from custom_components/lightwave2 to a <ha_config_dir>/custom_components/lightwave2 directory. (i.e. you should have <ha_config_dir>/custom_components/lightwave2/, <ha_config_dir>/custom_components/lightwave2/ etc)

The latest version is at

If you use this method then you'll need to keep an eye on this repository to check for updates.


In Home Assistant:

  1. Enter configuration menu
  2. Select "Integrations"
  3. Click the "+" in the bottom right
  4. Choose "Lightwave 2"
  5. Enter username and password
  6. This should automatically find all your devices


Once configured this should then automatically add all switches, lights, thermostats and blinds/covers that are configured in your Lightwave app. If you add a new device you will need to restart Home Assistant, or remove and re-add the integration.

Generation 2 devices have the attribute current_power_w for current power usage.

Various other attributes are exposed with the names lwrf_*.

The color of the LED for generation 2 devices can be changed using the service call lightwave2.set_led_rgb.


Credit to Warren Ashcroft whose code I used as a base

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