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Since Google no longer offers an easy way to sync your Outlook calendar to your Google calendar and i didn't want to pay money for such a basic feature i felt like i need to take action and create some nifty little tool. Well this is the outcome.


Just download/check out/clone the repository and build the project. NuGet should take care of the missing libraries on the first build (package restore)

Since using Google Services requires an API-Key you might run out of available requests if a lot of other users will use this tool too. So you maybe want to create an API Key for your self. Just visit this link at Google Developer for more details

These Keys need to be put in the GoogleCalendar Class-File:

  ClientSecrets secrets = new ClientSecrets 
      ClientId = "", 
      ClientSecret = "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" 


Since this is a very basic tool you don't need any installation, just copy the .exe to some place on your HDD and run it.


After starting the app just hit the "Add" button and connect to the calendars you would like to use. (This is limited to Outlook -> Google right now - but an update is coming, promise!)

Thats it, SyncMyCal will now sync every interval of minutes configured by you.


If you have any issues what soever please create an issue here at github.

Have fun with SyncMyCal, i hope it helps you as much as it helps me.