it'a mini auto balance car which use the mini motor to drive the car
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it'a mini auto balance car which use the mini motor to drive the car

20171108 Now we have the new speed sensor for the car,and the MCU board had been updated to version 6.0. Our new speed sensor picture is as follow: index index

What's more? We get the new 3D printing wheel,just as follow picture: index

20170405 The newest version of the car is version 5.0. I have fix some error of the PCB schematic to make the PCB work better.

the catalog explanation of the project:

1 PCB: it's about the PCB files of the project,it contains the schematic and the PCB design. The schematic can be opened with the OrCAD capture CIS The PCB design can be opened with the PCB Editor

2 doc: it contains the picture of the car and the design file of the car

3 sourcecode: it contains the whole sourcecode of the project.And the project is build with the keil4

for more detail of the project: Please send email to:

let me show you the balance car~ (the following picture is the version 4.0 of the car)


the car can be devided into many parts,just as the following picture show: index

and the car's wheel use the 3D printer:


I have work on this project for about half a year.I will appreciate that if you can join in the work of the car!!! In the future, I prepare to add a bootloader and a RTOS to the balance car.