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A non instrusive gem which helps you browse, search and manage your data using browser
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Rails 3.0.x

If you are using Rails 3.0.x then use

gem 'admin_data', '= 1.1.14'

Rails 3.1.x

If you are using Rails 3.1.x then use

gem 'admin_data', '= 1.2.1'

Also add following lines to config/application.rb just below the line that says config.assets.enabled = true .

config.assets.precompile += ['admin_data.css', 'admin_data.js']

Before deploying the code to production execute

bundle exec rake assets:precompile

Live Demo

Live demo is available at (read only version)


Documentation is available at


To execute tests for this gem cd test/rails_root and read the instructions mentioned at there.


Released under MIT License

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