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Fixed an undefined method error in SearchController #89

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Nathan Rivera
Nathan Rivera

In Rails 3.2 when I try to visit /admin_data I get the following error:

NameError in AdminData::SearchController#quick_search

undefined local variable or method `get_class_from_params' for #AdminData::SearchController:0x007fe18dbd25d8

Adding the AdminData:: namespace to the inheritance fixed this issue.

Nathan Rivera nathanlrivera closed this April 29, 2013
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Feb 01, 2012
FIXED: SearchController undefined method error. 6a0175f
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2  app/controllers/admin_data/search_controller.rb
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ def destroy
21 21
22 22
23 23
 module AdminData
-  class SearchController < ApplicationController
+  class SearchController < AdminData::ApplicationController
25 25
26 26
     layout 'search'
27 27

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