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admin_data is a Rails plugin (gem in Rails 3) which allows one to easily browse, search and manage data using browser.

It gives you the /admin_data access point. You can also customize the output.

Live Demo

Live demo of the application is available here . While viewing the demo you are not logged in as admin and hence you will not be able to edit, delete, destroy or create any new record.


Bug Reporting

Please report all bugs at .

Rails 2.3.x

If you are using Rails 2.3.x then use admin_data as a plugin.

Rails 3 is supported

If you are using Rails 3 then use the gem.

Tested with following databases

admin_data is tested with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

How to run tests

cd test/rails_root
bundle exec cucumber

Author and Contributors

This plugin is written by Neeraj Singh . I am on twitter as neerajdotname. Contributors list is here .