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BigBitBus Test Scripts

This repository contains scripts to collect system and performance information and upload this information to BigBitBus servers, which then analyze the uploaded information and present informational reports based on the uploaded data. These reports can contain comparisons with standard hardware and cloud providers so users can compare their systems to other systems. Please see the important information in the Disclaimer section.

How does it work?

When you visit you will be shown instructions on running a command on your test server's command line. The tool currently supports Redhat, Ubuntu and Amazon Linux. There will also be a unique link, randomly generated every time the page is visited, for the test's output report. The report becomes available after a script invoked by the command has successfully completed on your test server and uploaded information to BigBitBus servers. You can access your test report at any time using the unique url (and so can anyone else who has the URL).

The script can run on Redhat and its derivatives, Ubuntu, and Amazon Linux. It broadly collects two types of information from via the script: system information such as CPU and memory details, and CPU performance information. CPU performance is measured using the stressng tool, this takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is important that the test server be idle at the time of running the test for accurate results, and to prevent the test from starving your server's real workloads.

The script uploads data (via a post request to an HTTPS url) to the bigbitbus server at the end of the test runs, where it is processed. The user can simply visit the provided URL to obtain up-to-date comparison information about relative performance and pricing of similar cloud VMs.

Important Disclaimers

  1. The service is free, however BigBitBus reserves the right to further process and analyze and utilize the uploaded system and performance data uploaded by multiple users. Please do not use this service if you have reservations about your system's data being processed and used by BigBitBus in this manner.

  2. All the script code made available here by BigBitBus to generate the report is governed by the Apache 2.0 license.

  3. The script will install some well-known open-source software on your test server. Please read the script to fully understand how it works and what will be installed.

  4. We currently share data for up to 8-vCPU cloud VMs, so the tool wont be useful for say, 40 core bare metal servers!. Contact us if you want to see other VM support.

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