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BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning.


  1. bigbluebutton bigbluebutton Public

    Complete open source web conferencing system.

    JavaScript 8.3k 5.9k

  2. greenlight greenlight Public

    A really simple end-user interface for your BigBlueButton server.

    Ruby 771 3.8k

  3. bigbluebutton-api-php bigbluebutton-api-php Public

    BigBlueButton PHP API

    PHP 181 195

  4. bbb-install bbb-install Public

    BASH script to install BigBlueButton in 30 minutes.

    Shell 610 532

  5. docker docker Public

    Docker files for BigBlueButton

    Shell 351 236

  6. bbb-webrtc-sfu bbb-webrtc-sfu Public

    Control server for WebRTC SFU

    JavaScript 51 46


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