Implement "fit to width" to display portrait documents in the presentation window #1334

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Originally reported on Google Code with ID 579

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1.  Upload a portrait document (such as a word document)

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Presenter expects to zoom into the presentation.

Currently, the dimensions of the presentation is fixed to the ratio of the layout.
 This ensures that all viewers see exactly the same view as the presenter (the only
difference is the size of the window).

However, fixing the ratio fixed the width of the window when showing a portrait document,
making it hard to zoom in.

One solution is to always present documents in landscape, but putting a scroll bar
on the presenter's window if the dimensions of the uploaded document are portrait.
This keeps the viewers window synced with the presenter's window (all will be landscape
orientation), but the text will be much easier to read. 

Please use labels and text to provide additional information.

Reported by ffdixon on 2010-07-15 11:08:13

BTW, the show/hide whiteboard button is not shown when the presentation is very narrow/high
and thus no way to use the whiteboard feature.

Reported by qingjiang.yuan on 2010-07-15 13:17:09

it's a feature that needs improvement ASAP.

Hope can see improvement soon

Reported by pieafriend on 2010-11-15 15:35:30

Hi pieafriend,

There was a good discussion about this issue on bigbluebutton-dev, which also talked
about how we focus our resources for each iteration.

Bottom line: If you think this issue needs to be fixed ASAP, then the above thread
will give some options for helping us fix it sooner.

Reported by ffdixon on 2010-11-15 15:39:21


Reported by ffdixon on 2010-11-20 22:46:58

how about add the horizon/vertical scrollbar when the presention is too wide/high?

Reported by lubaoxian on 2010-11-20 23:33:32

Also allow users to change the window to whatever size users like, rather than fixed
ratio window as what is doing now.

Without the above, the horizonal / vertical scrollbars are of no use.

Reported by pieafriend on 2010-11-22 03:47:18

If we allow users to change the window size to whatever they want, then they will have
a different view of the presentation than the presenter.

The scenario we are trying to avoid is the presenter points his or her mouse at a particular
part of the slide and says "Does everyone see what I'm pointing at?"  If a student
is looking at a different part of the slide (because they have scrolled or changed
their view) and says "No", then the presenter will loose faith in BigBlueButton.

That's why the presenter and viewer's view of the documents are currently always in
sync to a ratio of each other.

Reported by ffdixon on 2010-11-22 12:43:53

To be honest, I think full screen display is the most perfect choice.

It you worry the above scenario, why not allow the presenter to change the window to
whatever he/she wants, and keep the same window on other attendees' screen? 

Because it is very inconvenient that even the presenter can't have a big and clear
view of the document he uploads! 

Reported by pieafriend on 2010-11-23 12:53:15

Attached are two PDF files that go into ideas and mockups for better supporting portrait
documents in BigBlueButton.  The ideas can be condensed as follows:

   1.  Do what users expect (such as when viewing a document in Adobe Acrobat)
   2.  Keep the presentation window a fixed size (simplify code for automatic resizing)
   3.  Implemented edge detection
   4.  Add a fit-to-width button

A key requirement is to ensure that students always see what the presenter sees, which
enables teachers to trust that what they see in the presentation area is exactly what
the students are seeing.

Comments welcome!

Reported by ffdixon on 2010-12-16 16:01:13

- _Attachment: [Portrait Documents-2.pdf]( Documents-2.pdf)_ - _Attachment: [Portrait Documents-1.pdf]( Documents-1.pdf)_
Hi ffdixon,

Thanks very much for the update!

I would prefer the method like what is in Adobe Acrobat. That is to add the function
of "fit to with", "fit to page" and scroll bar to BBB.

From the prior discussions on the screen view, I kind of feel that you focus on "students
see what the professor(presentor) shows or wants students to see". I totally agree
with that. 

Aside from this angle, pls also take in consideration of what the presentor wants or
prefers, what is the user experience when using BBB. I did use BBB for meeting and
training a lot. When using BBB, I felt that the default "presentation window" is too
small and not convenient to present a document and point to somewhere I really want.
( imagine that that window is so small, you have to zoom it difficultly to point to
somewhere you want).  I do want the students or other to see what I point to or want
them to see, but it is difficult for a presentor ( or professor) to do it.

So I strongly recommend that the default windows layout should be changed to give more
room for the "presentation window" ( pls refer to the attached file)

Reported by pieafriend on 2010-12-17 08:03:27

- _Attachment: original ( defalut) BBB screen layout.png
![original ( defalut) BBB screen layout.png]( %28 defalut%29 BBB screen layout.png)_ - _Attachment: Optimized BBB layout.png
![Optimized BBB layout.png]( BBB layout.png)_ - _Attachment: WebEx window layout (2).png
![WebEx window layout (2).png]( window layout %282%29.png)_

Reported by ffdixon on 2011-02-07 00:49:27

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Hello all,
I´m new here. One question. When can we expect the Version 0.8 with the fixed problem
of the sizing (fitting) the document?
Thx in advance

Reported by on 2011-06-01 15:20:11

Issue 861 has been merged into this issue.

Reported by ffdixon on 2011-11-29 15:59:50


Reported by ffdixon on 2012-02-20 18:31:01

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