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Originally reported on Google Code with ID 1079

Google now has a paid service for its translate APIs.  See

Need to investigate the work required to use these new APIs in stead of the currently
depreciated APIs.

Reported by ffdixon on 2011-11-22 01:54:19

Other solution: use BING translation service. It's free and very easy to implement in
BBB (with json api)...

Reported by ama.aclnr on 2011-11-22 21:20:15


Reported by ffdixon on 2012-01-06 00:37:47

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I already bought the Google API, now, how can I set that API???
Please, I need some help asap!
have a good day!

Reported by mcostales84 on 2013-03-12 13:37:51

Just to calibrate your expectations, this issue isn't marked for development for 0.81-dev,
so it won't be part of the upcoming release.  

To understand how we set priorities for each release, please see

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Just successfully installed BBB. One of my main interests is in being able to support English language learners overseas, so translation in the chat module will be huge. I understand from searching through the groups/boards (this thread especially) that the deprecated Google Translate API is currently available. I have my own API key for v2, and would like to participate in developing support for v2. Just need to be pointed in the right direction.

hostbbb commented Aug 25, 2016

An early version .71 has support for this, when it went to a paid service it was factored out.
Looking at the .71 branch

you can see the flash library that was used. and looking at this code can see how it was done back them.

there also is a close captioning project that may be a better fit. this is 1.1 project, I'll let the core devs jump in on this one.


@hostbbb Thanks for starting me off... While I did some flash/actionscript development a long time ago, I am new to Flex, thus am in learning mode. As I look at this, it strikes me as client side code. Some research online seems to confirm this. For the same reason we should not be using our BBB salt in client side JavaScript, I do not want to program against Google Translate's v2 API as I have to pass my API key in the "key'..." name/value pair in the querystring.

It does not look like NGINX supports any server side language. I am looking at the "Production Environment" graphic and that suggests PHP on Tomcat. I come into this with deep experience in C# and see something called FastCGI for NGINX that I apparently can use.

Another option would seem to be developing a native IIS application in ASP.NET (MVC) and calling to BBB's API.

The end goal is to program against the Google Translate v2 API in server side code so as not to expose my API key. Any thoughts?

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