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Latest commit b9dc10e Aug 30, 2017 @capilkey capilkey committed on GitHub Merge pull request #4343 from capilkey/clean-pencil-end-numbers
Clean dimension numbers from pencil end message
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akka-bbb-apps clean dimension numbers from pencil end message Aug 30, 2017
akka-bbb-fsesl Merge pull request #4249 from antobinary/audio-state Aug 17, 2017
akka-bbb-transcode Moved akka-transcode messages to 2.0 format Jul 25, 2017
bbb-api-demo use mod and attendee passwords in createMeeting call Jul 26, 2017
bbb-apps-common - add round trip trace message from client and back to tell us where… Aug 16, 2017
bbb-client-check Merge remote-tracking branch 'bigbluebutton/master' into merging-into… Apr 4, 2017
bbb-common-message - trigger sending of rtt from server side Aug 16, 2017
bbb-common-web - upgrade jodconverter lib to get PPT files converted to PDF working Aug 17, 2017
bbb-fsesl-client handle renamed stop_talking_handler event from FreeSWITCH Aug 16, 2017
bbb-lti bbb-lti: Fix for issue #3595 Jan 24, 2017
bbb-screenshare - fix issue where screenshare stops when a viewer joins or refresh t… Aug 16, 2017
bbb-video Moved akka-transcode messages to 2.0 format Jul 25, 2017
bbb-voice-conference/config/freeswitch Updated freeswitch configuration default user flag to "nomoh", no mus… Feb 16, 2016
bbb-voice move the global audio messages to the 2.0 format Jul 13, 2017
bbb-webhooks Merge pull request #4015 from JaeeunCho/setPreseter_err_html5 Jun 20, 2017
bigbluebutton-apps - increase default message limit Aug 30, 2017
bigbluebutton-client Merge pull request #4337 from capilkey/fix-annotation-clipping Aug 30, 2017
bigbluebutton-config Added home.html to redirect to when user clicks low… Aug 21, 2017
bigbluebutton-html5 Merge pull request #4242 from MaximKhlobystov/selenium-multiremote Aug 17, 2017
bigbluebutton-web Merge pull request #4297 from bigbluebutton/ffdixon-patch-4 Aug 22, 2017
clients/flash More improvements to the configuration parsing. May 25, 2017
deskshare Moved akka-transcode messages to 2.0 format Jul 25, 2017
doc more messages Apr 19, 2014
labs Fixed kurento-screenshare session ending Jul 27, 2017
record-and-playback RnP: Fix parsing poll fields as numbers rather than text Aug 30, 2017
scripts Reverted back file. Feb 2, 2016
video-broadcast - update dependency to bbb-commons-message 0.19-SNAPSHOT Jul 10, 2017
web-polling cleaning up the webpolling jars Oct 12, 2012
.gitignore ignore IntelliJ (IDEA,etc) config files Feb 9, 2017 Add instructions for stopping akka apps Jun 6, 2017 Update Jul 3, 2017 - minor formatting from IDE Nov 22, 2016


BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system.

BigBlueButton supports real-time sharing of audio, video, slides (with whiteboard controls), chat, and the screen. Instructors can engage remote students with polling, emojis, and breakout rooms. BigBlueButton can record and playback all content shared in a session.

We designed BigBlueButton for online learning (though it can be used for many other applications). The educational use cases for BigBlueButton are

  • One-to-one on-line tutoring
  • Small group collaboration
  • On-line classes

BigBlueButton runs on a Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit server. If you follow the installation instructions, we guarantee you will have BigBlueButton installed and running within 30 minutes (or your money back :-).

For full technical documentation BigBlueButton -- including architecture, features, API, and GreenLight (the default front-end) -- see

BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc .