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BigBlueButton LTI Integration

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system that enables universities and colleges to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students.

These instructions describe how to install the BBB-LTI Plugin into a BigBlueButton server.

With this plugin you can
  • Enable a BigBlueButton server to be a LTI provider
  • With a LMS acting as a consumer, allow users to create and join meetings using LMS external tools


bbb-lti is a grails project that can be compiled using the bbb-web components installed in any BigBlueButton development environment.

To generate the war file
grails clean grails war


Place the war file into the tomcat webapps directory and restart tomcat

sudo cp target/lti-0.2.war /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/lti.war

Configure the properties

sudo vi /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/lti/WEB-INF/classes/

Edit the URL and Salt of the BigBlueButton server you are going to connect to (NOTE: Remove any trailing slashes from the URL!)



Edit the LTI basic information


Restart tomcat

sudo service tomcat6 restart

When running on the BigBlueButton server, create the map to this new application on nginx

How to use the service

You need:

  1. A server running any LMS which is a LTI consumer compliant
  2. A BigBlueButton 0.8 server running on a separate server (not on the same server as your LMS)
  3. A server running the plugin (It can be your bigbluebutton server or any other java application server)
Add a new external tool
In the LMS create a new external tool using the parameters added in the configuration file Ej. Consumer Key: demo Shared Secret: welcome URL:

The BigBlueButton roles are assigned according to the roles in the LMS.

-Faculty -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Faculty -Instructor -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Instructor -Mentor -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Mentor -Administrator -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Administrator
-Student -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Student -Member -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Member -Learner -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Learner -Staff -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Staff -Alumni -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Alumni -ProspectiveStudent -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/ProspectiveStudent -Guest -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Guest -Other -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Other -Observer -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/Observer -None -urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/None