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Developing the client
1. Copy src/conf/ to src/cong/config.xml

Implementing Tab Order:
The default tab order (necessary for accessibility) is hard-coded into these modules and the main toolbars, and is as follows:
	Main Toolbar
	Desktop sharing (if open)
	Webcam publishing (if open)
	Viewers list window
	Listeners list window
	Webcam window
	Presentation window
	Whiteboard toolbar
	Chat window
	Bottom Toolbar

If you want to change the tab order for BigBlueButton , check resources/config.xml.template and it to src/conf/config.xml.
Certain modules must have the baseTabIndex property, and for the default tab order, their values should be as follows:  

	101: DeskShareModule	(Desktop sharing module)
	101: VideoconfModule	(Webcam publishing window)
	201: ViewersModule		(Viewers list window)
	301: ListenersModule	(Listeners list window)
	401: VideodockModule	(Webcam window)
	501: PresentModule		(Presentation window)
	601: WhiteboardModule	(Whiteboard toolbar)
	701: ChatModule			(Chat window)

The 100-value separation guarantees enough space for a sufficient number of elements in each module. The Main Toolbar's
base index is 1, the bottom toolbar's base index is 100,000, but you shouldn't need to change them anyway.
Deskshare and Webcam publishing have the same base index, that is not an error.

Enable logging
    <logging enabled="true" target="server" level="info" uri=""/>