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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<project name="Red5" basedir="." default="usage">
<!-- This build file requires Apache Ant >= 1.7 -->
<condition property="ant-at-least-7">
<antversion atleast="1.7.0"/>
<!-- project properties -->
<property environment="env"/>
<!-- base project properties -->
<property file=""/>
<!-- user overides for project properties -->
<property file="${user.home}/"/>
<target name="project" description="Creates new application project structure for Red5">
<echo message="Creating Red5 application project structure for Eclipse"/>
<!-- create tmp dir for unpacking -->
<mkdir dir="tmp"/>
<!-- unpack base project files -->
<unzip src="" dest="tmp"/>
<!-- get project name -->
<input message="Please enter your projects name (ie. mycoolred5app):"
<filter token="" value="${}"/>
<!-- get project path -->
<input message="Please enter your workspace path (ie. c:\\eclipse\\workspace):"
<condition property="do.abort">
<equals arg1="." arg2="${new.project.path}"/>
<fail if="do.abort">Cannot specify '.' as it will overwrite red5's files</fail>
<filter token="new.project.path" value="${new.project.path}/${}"/>
<!-- get package base -->
<input message="Please enter your package namespace (ie. org.red5):"
<filter token="" value="${}"/>
<!-- create dirs -->
<mkdir dir="${new.project.path}/${}/lib"/>
<!-- copy project structure to new path with filtering -->
<copy todir="${new.project.path}/${}" filtering="true" verbose="true">
<fileset dir="tmp"/>
<!-- copy ivy jar -->
<copy file="lib/${ivy.version}.jar" tofile="${new.project.path}/${}/lib/ivy.jar" filtering="false" verbose="true"/>
<!-- rename logback xml -->
<move file="${new.project.path}/${}/src/logback.xml" tofile="${new.project.path}/${}/src/logback-${}.xml" filtering="false" verbose="true"/>
<!-- cleanup -->
<delete dir="tmp"/>
<target name="deploy" description="Deploys an application project to Red5">
<target name="usage">
<echo message="Utility targets for Red5"/>
<echo message="* Create a new project: ant -f util.xml project"/>
<echo message="* Deploy to red5: ant -f util.xml deploy"/>
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