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BlueInk™ began in late 2005 from ideas gathered from previous projects, problems, and paper sketches. Over the years it grew into a unique and powerful CMS.

Using the current commercial Software-as-a-Service BlueInk CMS as the conceptual prototype, BlueInk is being rewritten into an Open Source CMS built on Apache CouchDB and Cloudant mostly as a CouchApp.


It's a bit rough in here still...but improving!

  1. copy config.json.sample to config.json
  2. update it with your settings
  3. copy config_ui.json.sample to config_ui.json
  4. update it with your settings
  5. npm install
  6. npm run prosemirror to build & install ProseMirror
  7. npm run semantic to install Semantic-UI for rework to rework
  8. gulp rework to "namespace" Semantic-UI under .blueink-ui
  9. gulp
  10. visit the URL you stored in config.json sans login info plus /_design/blueink/_rewrite/

That should load the home (see home.json) page.

The site contents (content, templates, schemas, the whole shootin' match) lives in _docs. The BlueInk editing UI and CouchDB views live in _design/blueink.

The default gulp task will run browserify and push the resulting contents of the various Design Docs which make up BlueInk to the database you configured.

If you're working with CSS changes you'll need to re-run gulp rework as it is not (by design) part of the default gulp task. Also npm run semantic can be used in conjunction with a package.json tweak to update the underlying Semantic-UI code. If you've made changes to src/semantic/src/theme.config, you can use npm run styles to rebuild the CSS and then gulp rework.

Note: plans exist in my brain to restructure the top-level gulpfile.js and leverage Semantic's gulp stuff directly. Patches welcome! 😺

Page Demos


BlueInk on CouchDB is release under the Apache License 2.0