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Apache CouchDB Futon (_utils) as a CouchApp

Futon 2 is a Sammy-based UI for CouchDB. The hope is that
it will eventually replace the current Futon in CouchDB.

One of the current limitations to Futon is that hacking on
it is slowed by the setup time of compiling CouchDB, or
symlinking Futon 2 into an existing CouchDB repo, or some
other similar setup.

By providing this CouchApp directory, the hope is that
anyone with client-side web UI experience can contribute
to the further development of Futon 2.


First you will need to install CouchApp:


Next, create a DB with any name you like ('futon2' seems
reasonable enough).

Then, within this directory, type:

    couchapp push . http://localhost:5984/futon2

Last, visit your CouchApp Futon 2 at:


Really last, enjoy!