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BigBox Template Loader Component

Add sanity to WordPress templating systems.

Table Of Contents


The best way to use this component is through Composer:

composer require bigboxwc/wp-template-loader

Basic Usage

Initializing the core template filtering should happen during runtime. This will route WordPress's core template files (template hierarchy to your chosen layout directory (/resources/views/layout) by default.

( new \BigBoxWC\WP_Template_Loader\Loader() )::watch();

Instead of loading /single.php, /resources/views/layout/single.php is loaded instead.

Defining Custom Directories

The default view directory is /resources/views with a layout and partials directory relative to that. To change these pass them to the Loader instantiation.

( new \BigBoxWC\WP_Template_Loader\Loader( [
	'base_path'    => 'resources/templates',
	'layout_dir'   => 'wp-pages',
	'partials_dir' => 'parts',
] ) )::watch();

Loading Views Manually

The Loader class also offers the ability to load views without using the WordPress' template loading system. These can easily be plugged in to any existing template helpers your theme may already be using.

Render a View

\BigBoxWC\WP_Template_Loader\Loader::view( 'my-view' );

Will output the contents of resources/views/my-view.php

Get a View

$view = \BigBoxWC\WP_Template_Loader\Loader::get_view( 'my-view' );

Will assign the contents of resources/views/my-view.php to a variable.

Render a View in a Custom Directory

\BigBoxWC\WP_Template_Loader\Loader::view( 'global/header' );

Will output the contents of resources/views/global/header.php

Render a View with Passed Variables

\BigBoxWC\WP_Template_Loader\Loader::view( 'global/header', [
	'min' => true,
] );

Will output the contents of resources/views/global/header.php with the variable $min available in the global scope.

Render a Partial

The above methods can be repeated with the partial() method instead of view() to automatically look in the set $partial_dir location.


All feedback / bug reports / pull requests are welcome.


This code is released under the GPL license.

For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file distributed with this source code.