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BigchainDB Enhancement Proposals

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BigchainDB Enhancement Proposals (BEPs)

This repository is the home of all BigchainDB Enhancement Proposals (BEPs), along with ideas for new ones and discussions around proposed or existing ones.

The process to add or change a BEP is the following:

Current BEPs

Short Name Title Type Status Editor
BEP-1 Collective Code Construction Contract Meta Draft Alberto Granzotto
BEP-2 Consensus-Oriented Specification System Meta Draft Alberto Granzotto
BEP-3 Dynamically add/update/remove validators at runtime Standard Stable Vanshdeep Singh
BEP-4 Standard process to set up a local node for development & testing, using Docker Compose Standard Raw Muawia Khan
BEP-5 Dealing with Illegal Data Informational Raw Troy McConaghy
BEP-6 Shared Workspace Protocol Meta Draft Alberto Granzotto
BEP-7 Definition of the BigchainDB Public API Informational Raw Troy McConaghy
BEP-8 Restore system state after crash Standard Raw Vanshdeep Singh
BEP-10 A Strangler Application Approach to Rewriting Some Code in Go Informational Raw Alberto Granzotto
BEP-11 ORM Implementation for Official BigchainDB Python Driver Standard Raw Manan Patel
BEP-12 BigchainDB Transaction Spec v1 Standard Stable Troy McConaghy
BEP-13 BigchainDB Transaction Spec v2 Standard Stable Troy McConaghy
BEP-14 Guidelines to Improve Drivers Reliability Standard Raw Alberto Granzotto
BEP-15 Ethereum Integration Tools & Demo 1 Standard Draft Troy McConaghy
BEP-16 How to handle external pull requests Meta Deprecated Troy McConaghy
BEP-18 Transactional Election Process Standard Draft Alberto Granzotto
BEP-19 Tendermint Performance Profiling Informational Raw Zach Bowen
BEP-20 Bounties in the BigchainDB Ecosystem Meta Raw Chalid Mannaa
BEP-21 Dynamically add/update/remove validators at runtime Standard Raw Vanshdeep Singh
BEP-22 Proxy Re-Encryption Demo 1 Standard Raw Troy McConaghy
BEP-23 Performance Study: Analysis of Transaction Throughput in a BigchainDB Network Informational Raw Alberto Granzotto
BEP-24 How to handle ALL pull requests Meta Draft Troy McConaghy
BEP-42 Handling new transaction models and storage schemas Informational Raw Vanshdeep Singh