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BigchainDB Server

BigchainDB is the blockchain database. This repository is for BigchainDB Server.

The Basics

Run and Test BigchainDB Server from the master Branch

Running and testing the latest version of BigchainDB Server is easy. Make sure you have a recent version of Docker Compose installed. When you are ready, fire up a terminal and run:

git clone
cd bigchaindb
make run

BigchainDB should be reachable now on http://localhost:9984/.

There are also other commands you can execute:

  • make start: Run BigchainDB from source and daemonize it (stop it with make stop).
  • make stop: Stop BigchainDB.
  • make logs: Attach to the logs.
  • make test: Run all unit and acceptance tests.
  • make test-unit-watch: Run all tests and wait. Every time you change code, tests will be run again.
  • make cov: Check code coverage and open the result in the browser.
  • make doc: Generate HTML documentation and open it in the browser.
  • make clean: Remove all build, test, coverage and Python artifacts.
  • make reset: Stop and REMOVE all containers. WARNING: you will LOSE all data stored in BigchainDB.

To view all commands available, run make.

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