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Quick and dirty ansible playbook for bigchaindb node deployment on ubuntu 18.04 without containers.
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Bigchaindb ansible deployment recipes

This repository contains a collection of ansible playbooks for quick bigchaindb node deployment and orchestration.

What can be done

  • Installation of BigchainDB
    • Adding and configuring users
    • Mongodb installation
    • Specified python version installation
    • Tendermint installation
    • BigchainDB installation and configuration
    • Enabling and activating services
    • Nginx configuration
  • Connecting nodes into a network


  • Requires ssh connection to a sudoer/root
  • Currently works/tested on Ubuntu 18.04 only

How to use

  1. Inspect ./vars/install-config.yml and edit settings if required. Pay close attention to nginx section if you need it. Nginx config disabled by default.
  2. Add list of hosts and optional per host variables to ./hosts/all file.
  3. cd into playbook directory.
  4. run with ansible-playbook install.yml -i hosts/all --extra-vars "top_dir=$(pwd)" in bash shell.
  5. Wait for all plays to complete

Bigchaindb should be now available on port 9984 or port 80 if nginx is up.

Other notes

This is basically a collection of shell snippets, ansible people are more then welcome to pick at it.

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