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Simple wallet for data(streams) in React + Redux
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BigchainDB + React + Redux boilerplate


Clone or fork this repo

git clone my-bigchaindb-project 


cd my-bigchaindb-project

Now you can set your remotes to your local app and so forth

Quickstart with Docker (Windows, OSX, lazy Linux)

Supports BigchainDB Server v1.0


You must have docker, docker-compose (and make) installed. These versions or higher should work:

  • docker: v1.13.0
  • docker-compose: v1.7.1

Make or docker-compose

To spin up the services, simple run the make command, which will orchestrate docker-compose


This might take a few minutes, perfect moment for a ☕️!

Once docker-compose has built and launched all services, have a look:

docker-compose ps
            Name                          Command               State                        Ports                       
mybigchaindbproject_bdb_1      bigchaindb start                 Up>9984/tcp,>9985/tcp 
mybigchaindbproject_client_1   npm start                        Up>3000/tcp   
mybigchaindbproject_mdb_1 mongo ...   Up>27017/tcp                        

Which means that the internal docker port for the API is 9984 and the external one is 49984.

The external ports might change, so for the following use the ports as indicated by docker-compose ps.

You can simply check if it's running by going to http://localhost:3000.

If you already built the images and want to restart:

make restart

Stop (and remove) the containers with

make stop

Launch docker-compose services manually

No make? Launch the services manually:

Launch MongoDB:

docker-compose up -d mdb

Wait about 10 seconds and then launch the server & client:

docker-compose up -d bdb
docker-compose up -d client

BigchainDB JavaScript Driver

see the js-bigchaindb-driver for more details

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