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BigClown Logo

Firmware for BigClown USB Gateway

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This repository contains firmware for BigClown USB Gateway.

Firmware Programming

You need to install BigClown Toolchain with BigClown Firmware Tool at first.

Programming firmware for USB gateway:

  • Core Module:

    bcf flash --dfu bigclownlabs/bcf-gateway-core-module:latest
  • USB Dongle:

    Replace /dev/ttyUSB0 with USB Dongle serial port (e.g. COM0 on Windows)

    bcf flash --device /dev/ttyUSB0 bigclownlabs/bcf-gateway-usb-dongle:latest


Commands can be sent only to nodes powered by the power module, or usb-gateway.


  • On
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/led/-/state/set" -m true
  • Off
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/led/-/state/set" -m false
  • Get state
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/led/-/state/get" -n

Relay on Power module

  • On

    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/relay/-/state/set' -m true

    Hint First aid: If the relay not clicked, so make sure you join 5V DC adapter to Power Module

  • Off

    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/relay/-/state/set' -m false
  • Get state

    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/relay/-/state/get' -n

Relay module

  • On
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/relay/0:0/state/set" -m true
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/relay/0:1/state/set" -m true
  • Off
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/relay/0:0/state/set" -m false
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/relay/0:1/state/set" -m false
  • Get state
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/relay/0:0/state/get" -n
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/relay/0:1/state/get" -n

Led Strip on Power module

Beware, it works only on remote nodes.

  • Brightness, the value is in percent of the integer:
    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/brightness/set' -m 50
  • Color, standart format #rrggbb and non standart format for white component #rrggbb(ww)
    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/color/set' -m '"#250000"'
    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/color/set' -m '"#250000(80)"'
  • Compound, format is [number of pixels, fill color, ... ], example rainbow effect
    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/compound/set' -m '[20, "#ff0000", 20, "#ff7f00", 20, "#ffff00", 20, "#00ff00", 20, "#0000ff", 20, "#960082", 24, "#D500ff"]'
  • Effects
    • Test
      mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/effect/set' -m '{"type":"test"}'
    • Rainbow
      mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/effect/set' -m '{"type":"rainbow", "wait":50}'
    • Rainbow cycle
      mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/effect/set' -m '{"type":"rainbow-cycle", "wait":50}'
    • Theater chase rainbow
      mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/effect/set' -m '{"type":"theater-chase-rainbow", "wait":50}'
    • Color wipe
      mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/effect/set' -m '{"type":"color-wipe", "wait":50, "color":"#800000"}'
    • Theater chase
      mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/effect/set' -m '{"type":"theater-chase", "wait":50, "color":"#008000"}'
  • Thermometer effect
    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/thermometer/set' -m '{"temperature": 22.5, "min":-20, "max": 50}'
    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/thermometer/set' -m '{"temperature": 22.5, "min":-20, "max": 50, "white-dots": 10}'
    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/thermometer/set' -m '{"temperature": 22.5, "min":-20, "max": 50, "set-point": 30, "color":"#ff0000"}'
    mosquitto_pub -t 'node/{id}/led-strip/-/thermometer/set' -m '{"temperature": 22.5, "min":-20, "max": 50, "white-dots": 10, "set-point": 30, "color":"#ff0000"}'

LCD module

  • Write text, supported font size [11, 13, 15, 24, 28, 33], default font is 15, color can by true or false, default is true

    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/lcd/-/text/set" -m '{"x": 5, "y": 10, "text": "BigClown"}'
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/lcd/-/text/set" -m '{"x": 5, "y": 40, "text": "BigClown", "font": 28}'
    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/lcd/-/text/set" -m '{"x": 5, "y": 10, "text": "BigClown", "color": true}'
  • Clear

    mosquitto_pub -t "node/{id}/lcd/-/screen/clear" -n


Read more here bch-gateway


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

Made with ❤  by HARDWARIO s.r.o. in the heart of Europe.

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