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#ifndef _AT_H
#define _AT_H
#include <bc_atci.h>
#include <bc_cmwx1zzabz.h>
#include <bc_led.h>
#define AT_LORA_COMMANDS {"$DEVEUI", NULL, at_deveui_set, at_deveui_read, NULL, ""},\
{"$DEVADDR", NULL, at_devaddr_set, at_devaddr_read, NULL, ""},\
{"$NWKSKEY", NULL, at_nwkskey_set, at_nwkskey_read, NULL, ""},\
{"$APPSKEY", NULL, at_appskey_set, at_appskey_read, NULL, ""},\
{"$APPKEY", NULL, at_appkey_set, at_appkey_read, NULL, ""},\
{"$APPEUI", NULL, at_appeui_set, at_appeui_read, NULL, ""},\
{"$BAND", NULL, at_band_set, at_band_read, NULL, "0:AS923, 1:AU915, 5:EU868, 6:KR920, 7:IN865, 8:US915"},\
{"$MODE", NULL, at_mode_set, at_mode_read, NULL, "0:ABP, 1:OTAA"},\
{"$NWK", NULL, at_nwk_set, at_nwk_read, NULL, "Network type 0:private, 1:public"},\
{"$JOIN", at_join, NULL, NULL, NULL, "Send OTAA Join packet"}
#define AT_LED_COMMANDS {"$BLINK", at_blink, NULL, NULL, NULL, "LED blink 3 times"},\
{"$LED", NULL, at_led_set, NULL, at_led_help, "LED on/off"}
void at_init(bc_led_t *led, bc_cmwx1zzabz_t *lora);
bool at_deveui_read(void);
bool at_deveui_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_devaddr_read(void);
bool at_devaddr_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_nwkskey_read(void);
bool at_nwkskey_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_appskey_read(void);
bool at_appskey_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_appkey_read(void);
bool at_appkey_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_appeui_read(void);
bool at_appeui_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_band_read(void);
bool at_band_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_mode_read(void);
bool at_mode_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_nwk_read(void);
bool at_nwk_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_join(void);
bool at_blink(void);
bool at_led_set(bc_atci_param_t *param);
bool at_led_help(void);
#endif // _AT_H
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